NWE III in Barcelona – Spain

Last week we had our incredible Networking Wide Event III, this time, in the beautiful city of Barcelona, that was hosted by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

We are on the third edition of the in person event, as we also had the Online edition last February!

The purpose of the NWE is to give to each Early Stage Researcher (ESR) the opportunity to share their research achievements, doubts with the consortium and the others invited people that were present, to receive feedback and comments about the research development. Associated with this, ESR’s are invited to participate and learn from professional/experienced people (professors, managers, lawyers and other PhD’s students) that contribute by sharing their knowledge on soft and hard skills.

ETERNITY Team visiting the supercomputer center – MareNostrum

On the first day, there was a special section with María Angeles Martín Prats who shared her experience as the founder and president of Skylife Engineering. She talked about her entrepreneurial journey emphasizing organization, leadership and decision-making. It was very inspiring and encouraging to see her point of view about women’s opportunity in engineering and companies, and how she was brave in defending women’s rights against many contrary situations.

From the second day, the ESR’s were deeply focused on Immersive Training with the subject of Intellectual Property (IP). Dr. Juan Ramos from UPC talked about Introduction to Intellectual Property and carefully explained the long process to get a patent for a product or idea. Following this, Ricardo Jauregui Telleria from DyCare Company discussed his experience and challenges regarding IP in a company, sharing some key points and instigating strategies.

We continued the immersive training about Intellectual Property led by Marina Olivera, IP lawyer at FICOSA(IDNEO) during the third day. She provided us with valuable strategies to understand this complex subject and how to apply the rules in real situations.

Besides the IP, also during the third and fourth day, we were challenged with the subject of Time Domain Measurements introduced by Marco A. Azpurua, co-founder at EMC Barcelona. He discussed Fundamentals of Time-domain Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) measurements, explained the EMI signal processing techniques used for time domain measurements and finally, argued about the challenges of applying this time-domain techniques in real situations.

Jordi Solé Lloveras, who is a PhD student at UPC, also gave us a talk about In situ EM Emissions Assessment for Complex Applications. He showed some real examples of in situ measurements considering the presence of several Radio Frequency (RF) sources and unwanted Electromagnetic (EM) that might appear during radiated emissions testing, emphasizing the challenges related to the EM assessment and the testing procedure that are beyond of the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards.

Since the NWE I in Bruges (Belgium), ESRs were responsible to tackle society’s problem relating it to one of the following classification “From Care to Prevention”, “Quality of Care” and “Safe Travel”, and provide an appropriate solution (after brainstorms sections) that might end up with an reliable and ideal product. Therefore, as part of the NWE III Immersive Training sections, it was given the opportunity to each group to apply the acquired knowledge about Intellectual Property to each individual’s group project and to receive feedback from professionals.

And, last and not leats, we visited the EMC laboraroty at UPC!

Out of Office…

Among many presentations, management procedures and intellectual activities, the ETERNITY team also shared the summer time in Barcelona. In the first glance, the team went to see the beautiful beach La Barceloneta and to give a chance to learn how to cook a typical food in Spain, La Paella! (… that’s why, we are all dressing like a master’s chef!).

ETERNITY on the beach

It takes some time to know the entire city of Barcelona. And, then, Prof. Mireya Chimeno prepared an amazing activity: getting a ride in the red bus over the city ending up in the Sagrada Família.

Speaking on behalf of all ESR, we are thankful for ETERNITY’s team efforts in giving us the opportunity to grow our career as academic researchers and to share these valuable times with us!

ETERNITY’s ESR (missing Geon Bastian)