Table 1: Overview of the training structure.

ETERNITY will run for 4 years and will offer a 3-year training program for 14 Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs), all of who will be targeting a PhD degree.

A personalised approach to the training.

After being recruited, each ESR will conduct an individual self-assessment under the guidance of the Recruitment Committee, the Training WP leader and his/her PhD supervisors to identify the expertise, skills, and competences that he/she needs to develop, both for the successful completion of the research project and for a satisfying scientific or professional career based on the need to be in a continuous process of learning and skills development. The self-assessment is formulated in a structured Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP). Each ESR, the Training WP leader and the supervisors discuss the PCDP regularly and adapt it when necessary. As the training programme evolves, the PCDP is assessed at least every 6 months or at the request of the ESR.

How the training is structured for each ESR.

The training is structured into 3 different tracks, which will be tailored to the needs of each ESR (Table 1). The series of Network-Wide Events will serve as platforms for the training.

  1. Training through Research (incl. Teaching)
  2. Training for Scientific Expertise and Technology
  3. Training for Skills of the Jobs of Tomorrow with innovative immersive training.

ETERNITY Training Schools.

The group training will be organized at the 5 Training Schools and 1 Kick-off event (as not all the ESRs might have started at that point), covering all the participating countries. Two of the training schools are directly hosted by an industrial Participant. In addition to the ESRs’ progress presentations, the specific and unique scientific modules and the immersive innovation training of ETERNITY are carefully incorporated into the Training School programme to ensure complementarity with the ESRs’ individual training.