ETERNITY in the EMC Europe 2023

We are very happy to participate in the EMC Europe 2023!

All the effort and dedication of the past years of research has brought awesome results for most of the ETERNITY researchers. We will have 4 special sessions and more than 10 papers to present at the conference this year. Such an amazing achievement for all Early Stage Researchers (ESR)!

In addition to the opportunity to publish and share our research achievements as PhD students, the EMC Europe provides a good opportunity for conversation, networking and to learn more about several aspects of technical areas related to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), such as:

  • EM Environment, Lightning, Intentional EMI & EMP, High Power Electromagnetics, ESD
  • Transmission Lines, Cables, Crosstalk, Coupling
  • Shielding, Gasketing & Filtering, Grounding
  • Measurement & Instrumentation, Emission, and Immunity, Chambers & Cells, Antennas
  • Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, NEMS & MEMS, Smart Sensors
  • Computational Electromagnetics, Model Validation
  • Semiconductors, PCB, Electronic Packaging & Integration, Power & Signal Integrity
  • Power Systems, Power Quality, Power, Electronics, Smart Grids
  • Wired & Wireless Communications, UWB, Power Line Communications, Spectrum Management
  • Automotive, Railway Systems, Naval Systems, Aircraft & Space Systems
  • Human exposure to EM fields, Biological, Effects, Medical Devices & Hospital Equipment
  • Standards and Regulations, EMC Management, EMC Education
  • EMC in Security and Safety Applications
  • EMC in Industrial Environments
  • EMC in Military Applications
  • Electromagnetic spectrum matters (ie. spectrum management)
  • Any other relevant topic.

Looking forward to meeting people around Europe and to spreading our knowledge!