Vikas Ashok Ghatge – ESR 14

Vikas Ashok Ghatge holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (India) from 2020. His thesis was to develop a conducted emission pre-compliance test where common-mode and differential-mode noises can be extracted and separately monitored. His previously obtained Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering is from the Shivaji University (India), 2011.

He experienced industry at two organizations from the Marine and Electrical Automation industries, where he gained experience as a hardware designer for embedded systems. His great interest in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) drove him back to academia and into his current research career.

About Vikas’s Research in Eternity

Vikas Ghatge is located at the Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Computer Science (M-Group) at KU Leuven, campus Bruges (Belgium). His research topic is “Towards Standardized EMC Assurance Case Patterns for the Certification of Medical Equipment”. The objective of his research is to develop and use novel graphical notations for documenting the overall EMC assessment of medical equipment in the form of EMC assurance case patterns. He plans to apply these EMC assurance case patterns in real-life environments. His ultimate goal is that by referring to these assurance case patterns, one can be more confident in regards of the safety of medical equipment and installations with respect to electromagnetic disturbances.