ITN Eternity video is out!

Congrats to our Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and a special thumbs up to Tiago NunesMiriam Gonzalez AtienzaNandun SenevirathnaSimón Rendón VélezSebastian Salas Laurens and Marc Kopf for being great ambassadors and actors!

Thank you Rob Kleihorst and Mark Van Helvoort for arranging access to Philips facilities and PLUX Biosignals for the wearable devices.

Thank you to our Coordinator Anne Roc’h and our Program Manager Lisa Seravalle to coordinate the making of this video (and acting in it !).

Thank you to our Consortium for your constant support and for providing us with facilities, supervision, secondments and feedback!
Eindhoven University of TechnologyUniversity of TwentePhilipsKU LeuvenUPC School (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)NEXTIUM by IdneoPlasmacureUMC UtrechtEurofins Electrical and Electronics (E&E)PLUX BiosignalsUniversidade Nova de LisboaBarcoASEPEYOLeren bij MST – Medical School Twente.

Thank you to the European Commission to support this #msca Innovative Training Network (#itn)

Thank you to our extra-cast: Brenda KrekelsBart van der HolstPyae PhyoMaxime Payen.

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