Rob Kleihorst holds a bachelors degree in electronics and a masters degree in scientific computing.  Rob joined Philips in 1987 as system test engineer for mobile X-ray. From 1989 to 2007 Rob hold several RF related positions in business unit Magnetic Resonance (MR) of Philips healthcare, including RF engineer, system designer and RF chain architect.

As a member of the safety team in MR Rob’s interest in safety, global regulatory and norm-compliance topics evolved. From 2007 till now, Rob worked for the Interventional Guided Therapy systems (IGT-S) business unit where he has setup the Design for EMC program and process besides developing himself in system architecture, distributed power electronics, wireless and risk management aspects, all closely related to electromagnetic phenomena.

From 2014 till now, Rob played an instrumental role in professionalizing the EMC risk control and EMC compliance processes for large and highly configurable medical devices intended to be used in hybrid clinical environments.

About Rob Kleihorst’s Role in Eternity

Within the Eternity project, Rob Kleihorst is supervising the Early Stage Researcher 11.