Asif Ali – ESR 5

Asif Ali, from Sindh, Pakistan, received his bachelor of engineering degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Pakistan in 2017. He obtained his master’s degree in telecommunication engineering and management from the same university, with the joint collaboration of Politecnico di Milano, Italy in 2020. During his master’s, he got the opportunity to complete his master thesis work on the Erasmus semester exchange program. The focus of his research was on the Direction of arrival and the least square error technique used in massive MIMO for channel estimation. His research interests include electromagnetic compatibility, digital communication systems, wireless communication, massive MIMO communication, and microwave engineering.

About Asif’s Research in Eternity

Asif Ali is working as an Early stage researcher and Ph.D. student at the Universität Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain. His current research is focused on the Optimal Digital Communication Systems (DCS) in electromagnetically noisy, medical environments. Moreover, he is trying to develop the methodology for the selection of the best DCS algorithms in a rough medical electromagnetic environment. The proposed algorithm of the electromagnetic immunity of medical devices will configure through the appropriate selection of the desired DCS in the operation of the electromagnetic environment. A selection of EMI resilient DCS will enhance the EMI-robustness of medical devices by ensuring the EMI resilience of the wireless communication systems.